There is nothing more important than the first impression of your home by a prospective buyer.

It is important to understand that different people have different perspectives and they may have quite different views to your own.

Potential buyers may also have a different use for your property, from an investor looking for a buy to let opportunity to a young family looking for a long term home for example.

Initial impressions:

The garden (if there is one) leading to the main entrance, ideally this would look reasonably tidy and would not be littered with children’s toys, discarded household appliances or any other refuse.

The condition of the front door is also a key factor influencing an initial impression. A well-kept, clean front door would appear to be more welcoming to the property than a damaged dirty entrance.

Once inside, a light and airy appearance is preferable to a dull dimly lit area. If one or more of your rooms are quite dark, then ensure that you have switched the lights on.

In order to create an impression of spacious rooms ensure that all rooms are tidy, clothes are put away into wardrobes and beds have been made.

If there are a number of people in your property, try to remain clear of the actual rooms that are being viewed as a crowded room gives the impression of a smaller area.

The atmosphere in your home is another important aspect influencing a potential buyer’s view of your property. If you or your family smoke, this may be off putting to non – smokers so a fragrant spray or the smell of freshly baked bread for example, would make the house seem more appealing.

Pets, while loved by many may be disliked by some, so keeping them out of the way could be to your advantage. If possible during the winter months leave your heating on, or during the hot summer close curtains or blinds in any rooms that get particularly hot as a comfortable environment is desirable.

The above are just a few of the actions that you could take and maybe by presenting your home as if you were about to be visited by Royalty, could make it more appealing to a greater number of viewers.